Real Results

CoolSculpting with Central Wyoming Medical Aesthetics is a great way to freeze you fat and loose those love handles! But you don’t have to take our word for it. See the results of some of our patients for yourself by clicking the images below! CoolSculpting, the results you want without surgery or downtime!


After changing my diet, eating clean and going to the gym every day for 4 years I could NOT lose that stubborn belly fat. I decided to give Coolsculpting a try, and I saw results within the first 30 days! In addition to seeing the results, between the 30 day and the 90 day time period I had lost almost 2% body fat! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is having trouble losing that “last little bit”. The staff here at Central Wyoming Medical Aesthetics has been fantastic! They are more than accommodating, and are totally concerned with your comfort through the process


Casper, WY

In 1982 I was a passenger in a car and we were hit by a pick up. I had over 100 stitches in the right side of my face. I was left with much scaring and dirt in my face even after the surgery. It looked like I had blue lines all over the side of my face. This has been a huge embarrassment to me for several years of my life. People would stare and some even asked me what happened to my face.
In 2016 I had my first Picoway treatment done and I am truly amazed at the difference! All the green from the tinted window that was left in my face is gone!! After the second treatment the scars on my face have almost disappeared. You really have to look now to see them. I am so thankful for the treatment and the staff and how caring and wonderful everyone has been to me. I have a whole new life now after over 30 years of embarrassment and hiding behind layers and layers of makeup and hiding behind my hair. I am looking forward to what my skin will look like following the next session!


Laramie, WY