truSculpt uses a high-powered radio frequency technology to sculpt the body head to toe. Unlike CoolSculpting (which is perfect for larger areas of unwanted fat) truSculpt has a smaller hand piece, which allows the Central Wyoming Medical Aesthetics team to treat pockets of fat too small for CoolSculpting. For example if you have excess fat under your chin, below your knees or on your arms (bat wings) truSculpt is for you!


truSculpt is the latest nonsurgical procedure developed for those who live a healthy lifestyle but just can’t seem to get rid of those stubborn fat and cellulite areas.

Using a controlled, comfortable heat system truSculpt delivers its fat fighting heat technology to the deep subcutaneous tissue layer. Using this radio frequency truSculpt is able to use heat to destroy the fat cells in the treatment area.


truSculpt offers fat elimination to those who might not be a candidate for CoolSculpting. With truSculpt there is a “no pinch rule” which means truSculpt is able to treat ares of the body where you may not be able to pinch fat but excess fat is still present. truSculpt can treat your body head to toe with the most common areas being under the chin, arms, below the knees and cellulite.


truSculpt is a nonsurgical procedure that offers amazing results in just 4 – 6 weeks. Patients typically see a 20-30% reduction of fat after each treatment!